Ask the dentist – how does oral health relate to overall health?

We dental practitioners often marvel at the surprise patients exhibit when they learn that maintaining good dental health is equally good for the overall health of their bodies and minds. Visiting our friendly and well-experienced dentist in Central London at Cannon Street Dental Centre regularly for oral health checks can help you keep on top of your dental health and, by extension, general health as well.

Even though they strictly adhere to the recommended guidelines for caring for dental health, patients may wonder why they still need to come in once or twice a year to see our dentist in Central London. The easy answer is this: as is often the case with numerous dental diseases, the symptoms of certain diseases are not easily identified by the patient.

While a patient may feel tooth sensitivity that indicates a problem, the effects of toothbrush abrasion, for instance, can go unnoticed. There are no better eyes than those of a dentist in Central London to detect that all is not well with a patient’s oral health. Once a problem has been diagnosed, our dentist is well-placed to suggest suitable treatment to treat the issue and prevent further progression of the problem.

The interdependence of physical health on good dental health

When thinking about a healthy body, the mouth is often overlooked by patients as a vital organ. The heart and lungs quickly spring to mind easily, and yet these two life-sustaining organs depend on the teeth and gums in the mouth to be in optimal condition too.

Worrying dental problems, including tooth decay and gum disease, are caused by an overrun of disease-causing pathogenic bacteria in the mouth. Not only do these bacteria give rise to cavities, tooth loss, infections and gum disease, but their destructive consequences are also not limited to the mouth only – they can escape via the bloodstream into deeper areas of the body.

The pathogens that are known for causing periodontitis, for example, have been linked by research studies to medical conditions such as heart disease, strokes, respiratory infection, diabetic complications, rheumatoid arthritis and even mental disorders including depression and dementia.

The importance of establishing good dental habits

If patients are to secure their physical and mental health, it is important that they observe a few healthy habits, including caring for their teeth and gums.

It must be remembered that good oral care is mandatory for maintaining the balance between good and bad bacteria in the mouth. What does proper at-home dental care look like according to a professional dentist?

The first essential is to brush teeth twice a day using fluoride toothpaste and employing good brushing techniques like using gentle circular strokes on enamel. It is also recommended to brush for a minimum of two minutes.

The second is to not skip out on flossing at least once a day. Tooth brushing does not replace flossing as the two oral obligations offer distinct advantages; there are places in between teeth that no toothbrush bristle can manoeuvre into.

Then there is the third key, which is the oral health check in the dental chair. In addition to keeping on top of tooth and gum health, patients can also use these appointments to have their questions and concerns answered. One of the best rewards of caring for dental health is a happy and healthy smile. Give us a call at Cannon Street Dental Centre to arrange an oral health check and protect the sunny look of your smile.