Emergency symptoms from our dentist

It can happen to the best of us! We are going about our planned day as usual and are suddenly hit with a wave of discomfort from one of our teeth.


And while it can be all too tempting to simply take pain relief and attempt to get on with our day, this can be detrimental and can cause longer-term issues. But it can also be confusing to determine if that sharp pain under your tooth is a dental emergency.

In this article, we hope to help you determine if you are suffering from a dental emergency.

At Canon Street Dental Centre, our dentist City of London is happy to be able to offer our patients emergency dental care. We will aim to triage your needs via the initial phone call. Each day we have appointments set aside for emergency patients, so we will always aim to see you within 24-hours of you contacting our clinic.

But what are some of the signs that you are suffering from a dental emergency and need an urgent appointment with our dentist City of London? Read on to find out!


Swelling to the mouth, underneath the jaw or the inner cheek is a telltale sign that you need to see our dentist City of London promptly.

Even if the swelling is not causing discomfort, it can indicate one of many potential dental conditions which require urgent treatment.  A common one which we see daily in our surgery are dental abscesses and impacted wisdom teeth, both of which may present at first as swelling without discomfort.


Many people who have attended an emergency dental appointment will tell you that it was the discomfort that prompted them to do so!

And if you are experiencing dental pain which is causing you to feel distracted, is preventing you from sleeping or eating, or is causing other symptoms such as a fever or feeling sick, then you must contact us urgently.

Once again a common cause of discomfort in dental emergencies is a dental abscess.

Lost filling or crown

Many people who have amalgam fillings or crowns know that these restoratives often fall out. This is due to the metal in the fillings swelling and shrinking due to the temperature inside the mouth, heightened by drinking hot or cold beverages.

If you think one of your restoratives is loose or if it has fallen out, then you will need to book an appointment with our team to have emergency treatment. This will prevent any abscesses from forming and will stop decay from setting in.


A crack or chip to your enamel may seem minor, but it can introduce bacteria and debris to the underside of your tooth which can lead to decay and further complications. So if you notice that you have a crack on one of your teeth, or if you have sustained a chip, please contact us for a same-day appointment so we can fit a composite restorative.


Ulcers around the mouth are common, especially if you are under stress or have been ill. But if your ulcers recur in the same part of your mouth, bleed, or are larger than a 5 pence piece, then you need to see our team for an emergency appointment.