How to get whiter teeth

Dazzlingly bright and white teeth are one of the most desirable attributes today.  They help a person to look as youthful as possible and allow them to emulate the glamour of their favourite Hollywood stars.  Here at Cannon Street Dental Centre, we offer a range of treatments that help our patients to achieve the best possible smile.  This is a how-to guide from the dentist in Central London on the best ways to make sure those pearly whites are as bright as they can be.


Keep clean

One of the easiest ways to help keep the teeth white is to keep them scrupulously clean.  The dentist in Central London offers expert guidance on the best brushing techniques for anyone who needs any help.  It is important to use a good toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste to clean the teeth for around two minutes twice daily.  Flossing or using interdental brushes helps to remove any remaining debris that can affect the appearance of the teeth.  Patients who do not brush their teeth every day, or who do not brush for long enough often find that their teeth do not look as white as they could with this simple course of action.

Professional clean

As well as maintaining good oral health at home, people who get their teeth thoroughly cleaned by our hygienist usually have much whiter teeth than those who don’t.  Many underestimate the difference that a good scale and polish can make to the appearance of the teeth.  It helps to remove stains and plaque that ordinary brushing has failed to shift and can be quite transformative when it comes to making the teeth look whiter and brighter.

Teeth whitening

There are many teeth whitening products and systems that are marketed for use by people at home.  However, these are usually ineffective as they do not contain the required chemicals and techniques used by the dentist in central London.  We offer professional teeth whitening that can literally transform a person’s smile, with which kits for use at home cannot possibly compare.


Veneers are the ultimate way to get the Hollywood smile that is now so desired by many.  As well as giving the patient the white teeth they want, they also make the teeth look more appealing in terms of giving them a more uniform appearance.  If the teeth are chipped or have gaps in between, veneers offer a great solution that lasts.  They are composed of porcelain which is placed over the teeth to give the patient the best possible smile that is long lasting.

In days gone by, if people were unhappy with their teeth looking yellow or stained, they simply had to put up with the inconvenience and the impact on how they felt about their appearance.  Thankfully, that is no longer the case. 

If brushing diligently and regularly at home is not producing the desired results, our patients now have a wide range of options to get the smile they deserve. If a person has teeth that look white and in good condition, this can allow them to feel considerably more confident.  This confidence can help them to be more successful in their personal and working lives, so it is not to be underestimated.