Is it better to get teeth whitened with our dentist in Central London?

It is the significant benefits of teeth whitening that point to this type of treatment as being much more than simply a cosmetic one. The desirable effects of teeth whitening hold far-reaching consequences that can improve quality of life.

Think for a second about the impact flashing a sunny smile has on how social perceptions are formed. Social perceptions have everything to do with whether one forms friendships, secures a romantic partner and even gets hired.

The attractiveness of a smile depends on a few criteria, one of which is how bright teeth look. Teeth whitening is a dental procedure that aims to address tooth discolouration and staining issues to bring about brighter-looking teeth.

There are two paths to attaining brighter-looking teeth: do-it-yourself teeth whitening with products bought over the counter and in-chair whitening performed by a dentist in Central London. At Cannon Street Dental Centre, we have a friendly dentist in Central London who is well-experienced in customised teeth whitening.

Many patients mistakenly believe that the main difference between the two relates to pricing, but this is far from the case. There is a world of difference in effectiveness and quality of results, speediness of results and safety to dental health. We take a look at these benefits in closer detail below.

Choose our dentist in Central London to brighten teeth for efficacy and safety

When it comes to treatments focused on aesthetics, time is always of the essence. Patients do not want to want an inordinate length of time to see results, and so it is with teeth whitening too. There is never any guarantee on how long off-the-shelf teeth-whitening products will take to produce the desired results. Patients may buy one product after another without seeing the difference they are looking for.

The answer for this is simple – these products do not contain the required level of active bleaching ingredients to produce satisfactory results. When used incorrectly, these ingredients can cause great harm, so the manufacturers are bound by legal means to only use a limited amount of the bleaching agent in their products. A dentist, on the other hand, is legally allowed to use higher levels of these active bleaching ingredients used to lighten the colour of teeth.

Safety is not always on the top of the list of patients’ priorities, but it should be. Attempting to whiten teeth on one’s own opens up the risk of damaging teeth. In addition to the pain and discomfort this may cause, there is also the factor of having to fork out extra money in dental care to restore mouth health and function.

One of the reasons why dental practitioners can achieve great results from teeth whitening is that they can customise the treatment to suit their patient’s needs and goals, which is outside the scope of DIY. An experienced dentist can adjust treatment to suit the level of staining and match the shade of brightness required.

Taking into account the effectiveness of in-clinic teeth whitening to produce results, it is clear why this method trumps that of using products at home. For more information about our cosmetic dental treatments at Cannon Street Dental Centre, please get in touch with our reception team to book an appointment.