Is it time for you to visit our dentist in City of London?

Do you remember the last time you had a routine dental checkup? Perhaps the last experience you had at a dental practice was negative, and since then, you have been reluctant to get your teeth checked again. Or maybe you haven’t had time to book an appointment but you know it’s way overdue.


It is important to book regular dental appointments at your dental practice in order to maintain healthy teeth and gums, and at our practice Cannon Street Dental Centre, we have an experienced dentist who will be able to help you restart your journey to maintaining good oral health.

An introduction to our practice

Based in London, Cannon Street Dental Centre is a modern practice, providing our patients with high-quality service and dental treatments for a number of years. Using the latest in dental technology along with the experience of our dental professionals, our team can provide our patients with dental treatments within areas of dentistry such as general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and preventive dentistry. We also offer dental services within endodontics, which focuses on the treatment of the dental pulp.

If you are visiting our practice as a new patient, you will be asked to book an appointment for a new patient checkup.

What to expect as a new patient at our practice

When visiting our practice for the first time, you will be seen by our dentist in City of London. The purpose of this first examination is for us to find out as much information about you as possible and carry out a thorough examination of your teeth, gums and mouth. This appointment lasts for 45 minutes, and we will use this time to ask for your dental and medical history and find out whether you currently have any dental problems or are experiencing any pain.

As part of the examination, our dentist in City of London may also take x-rays in order to identify whether there are any dental issues, such as tooth decay, and confirm whether you have had any previous dental treatment, such as fillings. Our dentist in City of London will also check for periodontal diseases, and an oral cancer screening will be done too. If we do not identify any issues, you will be asked to come back again for a routine dental checkup, which can be anywhere between six months to a year. We would also give you our recommendations on how to take care of your teeth before your next appointment.

Should our dentist identify any dental issues that require treatment, you will be advised on the most suitable treatment and other important bits of information, such as how long the treatment will take and its cost.

If during the examination, our dentist identifies a buildup of plaque, you may be referred to our hygienist. Dental hygienists play an important role in dentistry as they focus on providing preventive measures in order to avoid the occurrence of any dental issues that may be detrimental to your teeth and oral health.