What veneers can correct from our dentist

When it comes to cosmetic dentistry, many patients are looking for a treatment that can provide a single solution to multiple ailments, rather than spend money on multiple different treatments.


If you are like most dental patients, you may wish that your teeth were whiter, straighter, and perhaps that some cracks and chips were concealed. Luckily, there is a solution that can correct all of these issues – porcelain veneers.

At Cannon Street Dental, our team is proud to be able to offer our patients a myriad of different dental treatments, including porcelain veneers. Our dentist in City of London will ensure that any queries you have about this treatment are answered, and we will also aim to be as welcoming and as friendly as possible!

But what are some of the benefits of having veneers fitted? Here, our dentist in City of London answers this question and many more.


The main reason people come to our dentist in City of London to have veneers fitted is related to the aesthetic advantages that they offer. They can be used to whiten teeth without the use of bleaches and can also conceal cracks, chips, and minor misalignments.


Teeth can become weakened through general wear and tear. Or this can be the result of dental treatment such as a root canal. In some instances, our team will fit veneers to add strength to the tooth that has become weakened, which will add durability. Rest assured that porcelain is a sturdy material when applied to teeth and will not break in the same way as a porcelain cup when dropped!


It is not uncommon for dental patients to have minor misalignments with their front teeth which many do not want to undertake a brace to resolve. Luckily, veneers can offer a solution to extremely minor misalignments. We can shape the veneer to be slightly wider than the tooth, so when it is attached, it can conceal gaps. Teeth can be lengthened with veneers, so asymmetrical teeth can be corrected to create a more pleasing aesthetic finish. However, if you have a more complex case of dental misalignment, you may require either a brace or an aligner to correct it.


Sensitive teeth are a common issue amongst dental patients. And it should come as no surprise that veneers can offer a way to resolve this issue. If you have a sensitive tooth that hurts when you consume hot beverages, this is likely due to microscopic holes in the enamel exposing the pulp to the air. As veneers are placed over these holes, they prevent this from occurring and thus reduce sensitivity.

Long lasting

The aftercare required to ensure that veneers last a long time is relatively straightforward. All you need to do is brush your teeth twice a day, engage in flossing and rinse with mouthwash. You will also need to see our team biannually for check-ups. The result will be veneers that last a long time; with correct aftercare, they can last between 10 and 15 years. If you notice that your veneers have come loose or have fallen off prematurely, please contact our team to ascertain the underlying cause.