Are you looking for a dentist in the city of London?

Being in a vibrant modern metropolis like London can be as daunting as it is exciting. Life in the twenty-first century can be fast and furious, sometimes causing us to be a little lax in our health care. Practising as a modern dentist in City of London requires us to be dynamic and utilise the latest technology to achieve the best results for our patients. We provide a full range of oral health care services from regular six monthly checkups to emergency treatment.


A blend of youth and experience

At Cannon Street Dental Centre, you can be confident that you will receive the best treatment available from our dedicated, friendly team. We have an excellent mix of experience and fresh talent, complementing each other to make your dental experience a pleasant one. Education is vital to maintaining oral hygiene and, therefore, the longevity of your teeth. Preventive dentistry requires us all to work in harmony and ensure that you know and understand why and how to keep your teeth and gums healthy. We will advise you on your brushing technique and your choice of toothbrush. If you have children, we encourage bringing them into our clinic to become acquainted with us and the surroundings. All of this will reduce dental anxiety and help to visit the dentist in City of London on a stress-free occasion.

Complete dental care!

Your past oral hygiene may have caused a few problems, or you may have been involved in an accident resulting in the loss of a tooth or worse, more than one tooth. Our team is here to help you and give you direction to ensure that your oral hygiene in the future will help you retain your teeth. If you require a tooth replacement, our dentist will assess your condition and advise you on the most suitable replacement. You can choose a bridge, dentures or the latest dental implant, which will give you a stable replacement that will be indiscernible from your natural teeth. A very popular cosmetic treatment is teeth whitening, and our team can provide personalised treatment designed for you to ensure that your teeth are whitened with no damage or irritation to your gums.

Cosmetic dentistry

To be a contemporary dentist in City of London, it is incumbent on us to always strive to ensure that no matter what your dental treatment is, you are satisfied with your aesthetic appearance. Cosmetic dentistry is about ensuring that your teeth perform to the best of their abilities while looking their best at all times. To ensure your smile looks natural, we will use white fillings that match your natural teeth. Our team has mastered applying veneers and will give you an even and gapless smile in no time.

For those suffering from misaligned teeth, we can use the latest teeth straightening technology to correct malocclusion conditions. We are a Diamond Apex Provider of Invisalign, a clear aligner-based system that can correct misaligned teeth by fitting over your teeth; they can be removed to allow for cleaning and eating. By using specialised digital equipment, we can show you a virtual image of how your teeth can look after treatment; this will allow you to decide to proceed with the treatment based on seeing how your smile will look in the future.

Our skills extend even further

Our training in anatomy gives us a thorough knowledge of your skin, muscles and bone structure, especially of your face and neck. So, in addition to providing you with our expertise and knowledge of oral care, we also offer non-surgical, aesthetic facial treatments to reduce facial lines and dermal filler treatment. You can receive these treatments in our safe and hygienic dental surgery administered by our trained clinicians.