Fee Guide

At Cannon Street Dental Centre we offer private dentistry options which are individualised to each patient depending on their needs and agreed treatment plan.

Please call the practice for further information on private dentistry fees.

Fees correct as of September 2021

Examinations From
New Patient Consultation £95
Routine Examination £75
Child Examination £75
Emergency Appointment £95
Surgical Extractions From
Simple Extraction £180
Complex Extraction £295
Wisdom Tooth Extraction £350
Treatment Of Infected Socket(s) £125
Dental Hygiene From
Standard Hygienist Visit £75
Advanced Hygiene Visit £95
Saturday Hygiene Visit £95
Tooth Whitening From
Tooth Whitening Kit £195
Tooth Whitening Refill Gels £65
Cosmetic From
Incisal Recontouring £195
Cosmetic Bonding £200 per tooth
Fillings & Restoration From
Amalgam Restoration £120
Anterior Composite Restoration £150
Posterior Composite Filling £150
Glass Ionomer £100
Fissure Sealant £100
Fluoride Varnish £100
Pinned Retention £45
Temporary Filling £65
Dental Implants From
Implant Consultation £230
Implant Crown £850
Dental Implant With Crown £2,995
Impressions £230
Implant Placement £1,200
Uncover Implant £230
Bridges From
Bridge Preparation & Impression(s) £1,400
Crowns From
Porcelain Bonded Crown £850
Periodontics From
Perio (Visit 1 Of 2) £380
Perio (Visit 2 Of 2) £380
Root Canal From
Root Canal Filling £690
X-Rays From
Bite Wing or Periapical Xray £7.50
Panoral Xray £50
Invisalign From
Invisalign Consultation FREE
Invisalign Clincheck FREE
Invisalign £1,599
Invisalign Attachments/IPR £150
Invisalign Review FREE
Invisalign Removal FREE
Fixed Upper Retainer £195
Fixed Lower Retainer £195
Fixed Both Arches Retainer £295
Replacement retainers (Includes upper and lower retainer) £250
Vivera Night Time Retainer (1 set) £195
Vivera Night Time Retainer (3 sets) £395
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