Dentist in Central London responding to the fast pace

Cannon Street Dental Centre is a modern dental practice keeping pace with today’s patient requirements. We offer video consultations and selfie assessments to help you to get on with your busy life. Technology is now firmly entrenched in all our lives and in a city like London technology is everywhere. It therefore makes sense to use this technology to help you to maintain your dental wellbeing. Using your mobile phone or computer we are able to view your teeth and gums and provide a provisional assessment. Using this technology also allows you to discuss any cosmetic work you would like to have done.


Providing treatment and care for the whole family

As a dentist in Central London we know that we are surrounded by many families and we actively encourage our adult patients who have children to bring them in from any age. The more that children are exposed to the people, equipment and surroundings of a dental surgery, the more relaxed and comfortable they will feel. Once they have been to the surgery a few times we will conduct a basic oral examination to get them used to a dentist looking into their mouth. When it eventually comes to their first real appointment they will be calm and stress free. We believe that preventive dentistry is the best way to prevent gum disease and tooth decay. That is why the sooner we can see your children, the sooner we can instruct them about proper routine dental maintenance. When they grow into adults, dental care and regular six-monthly dentist visits will be a routine that they are used to carrying out.

Keeping up to date

Practising as a dentist in Central London requires us to ensure that we are offering the best service to our patients. To achieve this we regularly invest in the latest equipment and attend training on new tools and the latest techniques to enhance our skills. We also believe that it is important to build relationships with our patients, your dental and overall wellbeing is our primary focus.

Welcoming new patients

In addition to caring for our existing patients, new patients are very welcome and we offer you a minimum of a forty-five minute dental check-up. During this appointment we will examine your entire dental cavity and enquire about any problems you may have experienced in the past. We will take an X-ray of your mouth to see if there are any concealed issues like tooth decay, gum disease or bone density loss. We will also carry out a 3D iTero scan to give us a clear three-dimensional picture of your teeth and mouth. If we discover any plaque build-up we will arrange for you to attend an oral hygienist.

Your dental care is our priority

Being a dentist in Central London means that we treat both patients who live in London and those from outside who work in London. This gives us a very diverse range of patients, but whether you live close by or are a commuter, your dental care will always receive our best attention. We are here if you have a practical dental concern or would like cosmetic work to improve your smile. Cannon Street Dental Centre offers solutions to all your dental problems.