Factors affecting the aesthetics of your teeth

Everyone wants a beautiful smile but there are many factors that can affect the aesthetics of your teeth. Misalignment, crookedness or wonky and protruding teeth can be uncomfortable, embarrassing and affect your self-confidence in many ways. If you did not undergo orthodontic treatment when you were young and are reluctant towards it now because of the visibility of metal wires and brackets in your mouth then speak to us at Cannon Street Dental Care and find out about Invisalign at your dentist in central London and how it can help you address the aesthetics of your teeth almost invisibly.


How does Invisalign work?

We at Cannon Street Dental Care are a diamond provider of Invisalign so rest assured you are in experienced and professional hands. We will carry out a full examination of your mouth to ensure that your teeth are clean and healthy and that you do not have any underlying issues which may affect the treatment procedure or be affected by the procedure. Once your dentist in central London is happy that you are eligible for Invisalign then you will undergo a three-dimensional iTero scan which is a bespoke digital impression system that uses an optical wand to capture images of the inside of your mouth and create a three-dimensional model of your mouth and take a digital impression of your teeth. The scan results will be used to develop an accurate before and after image for you so that you can see what successful treatment with Invisalign can do to help improve and correct the aesthetics of your teeth. The scan will also be used to manufacture an individually tailored series of Invisalign aligners for your teeth. This can ensure that the aligners are created accurately and precisely to provide the utmost comfort and predicted results. Each aligner is designed to be worn for two weeks at a time for approximately 20 to 22 hours a day and will move your teeth by approximately 0.25 mm at which time you move onto the next aligner in the series.

Why choose Invisalign?

Invisalign is an increasingly sought after treatment procedure for the correction of misalignment issues and bite disorders of the teeth at your dentist in central London. One of the greatest advantages is that it is an invisible form of Orthodontics, the clear metal-free aligners ensure that your treatment procedure will be discreet as they have been designed with the reluctance towards traditional orthodontic braces in mind. They are extremely convenient as they are removable and can be taken out of the mouth wherever necessary and therefore there are no restrictions on food or drink as you are able to take them out before meal times when necessary. Also, they are very easy to clean and require brushing using ordinary toothpaste and toothbrush. The convenience of taking them out of your mouth wherever necessary also means that you can take care of your teeth with effective brushing and flossing which can sometimes be hindered by traditional orthodontic braces.  Speak to us at Cannon Street Dental Centre to find out more about Invisalign at your dentist in central London today.