Let our expert dentist in Central London get your oral health back-on-track

Care with a smile


Here at Cannon Street Dental Center, we’re committed to giving our patient’s something to smile about. We understand that 2020 was a year of several challenges and obstacles and that for many people, getting the dental attention they require may have proven difficult.

At Cannon Street Dental Center, we are a dentist in Central London that welcomes anyone who feels this way with open-arms. Our highly trained, professional practitioners never judge patient’s or make assumptions based on their oral health.

The past year was a difficult one, so now it is time to start putting things back together, and a visit to our dentist in Central London is a great place to start.

What does our dentist in Central London offer?

As a private dental clinic in the centre of the capital, we make it our business to provide our patients with nothing but the best in terms of dental procedures and attention.

Every smile we treat here at Cannon Street Dental Center gets a bespoke tailored treatment around each unique smile’s requirements. This way, we’ve found that we can achieve more lasting and impactful results – and ultimately make happier patient’s.

Our dental practice provides all the treatments that a smile could ever need, from routine dental treatments to complex procedures like dental implants.

What are dental implants?

At Cannon Street Dental Center, we regularly treat patients who have one or several missing teeth, and we understand the challenges that living with a gap in your smile can bring.

Often patients who’ve lost teeth feel that the only available options for replacing them are crowns or dentures. Although both these methods have value, they are not permanent solutions and can cause pain or discomfort as time progresses.

Dental implants are a clinically-proven and effective way of replacing a tooth permanently by surgically embedding a ‘new’ tooth root into the patient’s jaw. This means that their new tooth is just as sturdy and strong as a natural one, allowing them to smile and chew with a renewed confidence.

What does getting dental implants involve?

As mentioned, at Cannon Street Dental Center, we believe in taking a tailored approach to every dental treatment we offer. For this reason, the first stage in receiving dental implant treatment involves consultation and examination of the patient dental health.

Because dental implants require a minor surgical procedure, the patient’s gums and teeth must be healthy enough to carry out the installation effectively, which is why our dentist must identify any signs of gum disease or decay before beginning treatment.

After this examination, the installation process of dental implants goes like so:

  1. A hole where the missing tooth would be is surgically drilled into the patient’s jawbone, and a titanium-alloy screw is placed in and sealed over.
  2. Next, during a short healing period, the titanium-alloy and the bone tissue within the patient’s jaw merge.
  3. Once the implant is firmly fused within the patient’s jawbone, a denture can then be fixed within the screw – permanently and comfortably.

Anyone living with one or more missing teeth should speak to one of our trusted dental practitioners or specialists here at Cannon Street Dental Center about their options.