Our dentist in Central London will endeavour to make you smile again

Your smile is among the first things that someone notices about you when they meet you for the first time, so feeling proud to show yours off is important. Not liking your smile or feeling unable to smile confidently because of an imperfection in your teeth can impact how you feel on a day-to-day basis. At Cannon Street Dental Centre we want to do whatever we can to get you the smile that you desire. We have a range of treatments to repair and restore a damaged tooth (or several), and can even replace teeth after an accident to look exactly like your original ones. Our dentist in Central London can straighten teeth too, allowing our patients to benefit from discreet straightening treatments that work around their lifestyle. 


Do not let accidents impact your smile

In life accidents can occur when you least expect it, but an accident that results in a knocked out or chipped tooth can be traumatising. Feeling like you will never smile again can be incredibly depressing, but at Cannon Street Dental Centre we know that when you have a gap in your smile this is what it can feel like. That’s why our dentist in Central London is on hand with a variety of treatments to replace and restore teeth, completing your smile and replenishing your confidence along with it. Treatments such as dental implants can replace your teeth in a way that makes it impossible to spot that you have a false tooth. They are designed to look, feel and behave exactly like your original teeth and are almost permanently fixed into your mouth via titanium screws that have been inserted into your jawbone. In cases where you have damaged a tooth but not knocked it out, veneers can be used. Made from porcelain, a set of veneers or single veneer can cover up a chipped tooth, disguise cracks and make your teeth appear more even over all. They attach to the front surfaces of your teeth and each veneer will be designed so it is the right shape and size to ensure that your smile is straight and even.

Straighten out your imperfections

If you have crooked teeth or gaps in your smile then we suggest that you discuss teeth straightening treatment with our dentist in Central London. We offer Invisalign treatment, a subtle way of straightening your teeth by using clear, plastic aligners that are custom-made for you. You will have multiple sets of aligners to wear, and each set will gradually move your teeth into their new places until they reach their final straightened positions. Your aligners need to be worn for around twenty-two hours of the day, but they are removable and very conveniently can be taken out whenever you eat and brush your teeth. All of your sets of aligners will need to be worn for around two weeks each and in the correct order to ensure that your treatment works as it should do. Providing that your treatment goes to plan you can expect to achieve the results that you desire between six to twelve months after you first start your treatment.