Teeth whitening with our dentist

There are many different factors that can cause your teeth to become yellow or stained over time. Avoiding the dentist is a key factor. The longer you avoid the dentist the more stubborn the stains will become and eventually these stains may become irreversible, so it is important that you visit our dentist in London on a regular basis so that your teeth are white and healthy. Lifestyle choices such as smoking have a significant impact on the colour of your teeth. Smokers have yellow teeth because nicotine and tar seep into the enamel through the tiny pores on the surface of your teeth and become difficult to remove with brushing alone. Food and drink are also responsible for affecting the colour of your teeth. The type of drinks that stain your teeth include tea, coffee and red wine. Foods that are responsible for yellow teeth include curry, tomato based sauces, foods high in soya sauce and balsamic vinegar, and also berries are other teeth staining culprits. It is also important to remember that acidic food and drinks, such as citrus fruits and fizzy drinks, can weaken the enamel which makes your teeth more prone to staining. If you have yellow or stained teeth then you need to speak to our dentist in London. Yellow, stained teeth can affect your self-confidence, leaving you embarrassed to smile as freely as you would like. Here, at Cannon Street Dental Centre, teeth whitening in London is one of our most popular cosmetic dental treatments.


Teeth whitening at the dentist or at home

Our dentist in London will begin by carrying out a thorough examination of your teeth and gums. This is very important because we need to make sure that your teeth and gums are healthy before we begin the procedure. We will find out if you need any fillings or restorative dental treatment and this will need to be carried out before any form of cosmetic treatment including teeth whitening. The active ingredients used in teeth whitening are carbamide peroxide and hydrogen peroxide which should only be used if carried out or prescribed by a registered healthcare professional. We can carry out teeth whitening at the dental practice or we can provide you with a home whitening kit that is efficient if used correctly. When we provide you with the whitening kit we will give you instructions to follow and if you adhere to the guidelines then you can achieve a beautiful white smile in as little as 2 weeks. Teeth whitening can cause temporary sensitivity, however this should subside very quickly.

If you have stubborn stains that cannot be removed by teeth whitening at home or at the dental practice then we can discuss composite bonding in London or veneers in London. Both composite bonding and veneers work by covering the front surface of your teeth, therefore disguising the appearance of stains altogether. Composite bonding and veneers can be used to address stubborn extrinsic stains that are on the surface of your teeth as well as intrinsic stains that affect the dentine inside your teeth. Speak to us at Cannon Street Dental Centre today; our dentist will be able to decide how best to address your aesthetic issues and soon you will have a beautiful, white smile that you can be proud to show off to the world.